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Focused on Cleaning is your one-stop-shop for your bond cleaning needs.

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We specialise in bond cleaning in Gold Coast and can package the carpet clean and flea treatment into the price as well meaning you save more.

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We can give a quick estimation over the phone and confirm a fixed price with an inspection and find a day that is going to suit you. The clean must be within the 3 days before handover. This gives us time to clean and for you to get keys back to the real estate.

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Our bond cleaning service in Gold Coast is not limited to tenants, but also to pre sales and post clean sales
How does the Bond Back Guarantee Work?

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When booking a bond clean we have a bond back guarantee. This means that we aim to clean your property and get it back in a state where you will have no problems in getting bond money back without an issue in relation to the cleaning part of you exiting the tenancy.

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The Bond Back Guarantee lasts for 7 days. We ask that we clean within 5 days of the end of tenancy. This takes into account the cleaning time.

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The property manager by law has 3 days after the end of lease to inspect and make recommendations of improvements.

If there are any issues we will endeavour to return within a reasonable time frame to inspect and make good any recommended improvements so you have your money back as soon as possible.

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Consider us for a quote when it comes to bond cleaning in Gold Coast.
Lend a Hand Service

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The Lend a Hand Service is where we can do the small but often painful jobs like:
Oven Cleaning
Window cleaning
Bathroom cleaning
Full wall cleaning
Shed / Garage Clean out


Vacate Cleaning Gold Coast

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These can often be a hard task as they can take a while and be a massive stress. However, for a small cost these can be cleaned with out you having to worry meaning a less stressful move.
We aren’t like other bond cleaners.

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We offer a high-quality, guaranteed full internal bond cleaning service.
We guarantee to correct any issues identified by your real estate agent associated with our full bond cleaning services, free of charge.

Insured and genuinely local.
Bundle carpet cleaning & pest control with your clean.
You only pay for what your home needs.


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Express Bond Cleaning – our low-cost option
Need an affordable or small bond clean, or perhaps you need some professional help to rectify the work of another bond cleaner? We can help.

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Bond Cleaning Tips When Moving Out
When you are renting a new property, the owner will most likely to require a cleaning deposit that will be used at the time of the leaving.


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The amount will be used to make up for damages to the property. It is easy to get the money. All you need to do is to leave the rental property in the same condition in which you had rented it.

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The best way to do so is to hire a Brisbane bond cleaning service provider. They will ensure that the house is clean all throughout, and there are no scratches on the floors, walls and ceiling.

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There are several things to consider when you are bond back cleaning. It is easy to forget things, and this could lead to not getting your deposit back. Below are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind in order to get your deposit back.

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Create a Checklist
The first thing you need to do is to sit down and make a list of things that need to be repaired and cleaned.

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Even if you are going to hire a budget bond cleaning provider, you still need to tell them what needs to be done. Go around the house and check every corner and drawer. Make sure to note items that need attention.

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Clean the Oven
One of the things that renters often forget to clean when they move out is the oven. Rental agents often check the oven first to see if it has stains or grease. You should scrub the oven thoroughly from the inside out.

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Fixtures and Drawer Handles
Drawer handles often get damaged due to wear and tear. Make sure that you inspect every drawer and door handles in the property when bond cleaning.

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Replace missing screws and replace broken ones. You should also make sure that all the switches of fans and lights in the house are working.

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Replace light bulbs that are not working.
Clean the Carpet

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If the house comes with a carpet, it is recommended to have professionals take care of it.

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A bond back cleaning in Gold Coast service will clean carpets as if they are brand new again. They know how to take care of carpets to ensure that they pass the inspection of the property owner.

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Clean the Walls and Windows
Windows should be cleaned at both sides with the use of quality window cleaner. You should also include the window sills and the walls.

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You should remove marks on the walls that were not there before. But if the marks are permanent then it is best just to leave them because a couple of scratches are cheaper than chipped paint.

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These are the tips you should keep in mind when cleaning the house before moving out. The best way to do the job is to hire a budget bond cleaning service. They are already familiar with the standards that estate agents follow and ensure that you get your deposit back in full.

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Cleaning Inclusions Checklist
Our End of Lease Cleaning checklist has been carefully configured to match most real estate agents and property managers requirements and expectations from tenants at the time of vacating a place.


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General All Over
* Remove Cobwebs
* Skirting Boards
* Doors, Frames & Knobs
* Lights & Power Points
* Air Vents
* Windows & Mirrors
* Wardrobes & Cabinets
* Mop Hard Floors
* Stairs & Balustrades
* Carpets Steam Clean (where included)


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In Kitchen
* Cooking Oven & Grills
* Stove / Cook Top
* Range Hood & Filters
* Cabinets & Counters
* Sinks & Taps
* Splashbacks

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In Laundry
* Sinks & Taps
* Splashbacks
In Bathrooms
* Toilet Seat & Cistern
* Bath Tub
* Shower Cabin
* Sinks & Taps
* Tiled Walls
* Drawers & Cabinets
* Vanity Area
* Mirrors


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** Optional Extras
– Walls Cleaning / Wash
– Windows from outside
– Flyscreens
– Balcony / Patios
– Any External Cleaning
– Appliances / Whitegoods
– Blinds / Curtains
– Dishes / Utensils
– Driveway / Garage
– Furniture / Upholstery


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* Furnished places require additional items to be cleaned. Please check variations applicable with our staff.

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* Price variations applicable subject to condition of premises or any of the extras sought to be included

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* Variations to be advised upon inspection on the day of clean
* Cleaning Shortfalls reported within 7 days from date of cleaning will be fixed free of charge

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We offer affordable and competitive prices for the quality of service you can expect for your hard earned money.

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Our competitive edge is out long industry experience in comparison with various other small time cleaning companies offering end of lease cleaning worth a pack of peanuts.

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We pride in our vacate cleaning expertise and well trained and efficient teams of cleaners ensuring 100% Bond Back for our clients everyday in different Gold Coast areas

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