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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning To Vacate

Proper vacate cleaning in Gold Coast can ensure that you get your bond back after moving out, so it is important to get it right. Many tenants try to do it themselves to save money but often get it wrong and end up paying dearly for it when their bond is withheld.

Another common mistake many tenants make is in hiring a cleaning service that comes cheap and does a poor job that doesn’t meet the requirements of the agent or landlord. 

In most cases, tenants who choose to do vacate or bond cleaning themselves will make mistakes because they are so stressed and overwhelmed from moving to a new home – not to mention pressed for time. This approach is, therefore, not recommended.

Nonetheless, whether you do it yourself or you’re smart and hire a professional to do it for you, there are some things you should look out for to make sure the job is done right.

These are some common mistakes made when conducting vacate or bond cleaning.

1. Your Vacuuming Technique Sucks

You might rush to give your carpets a once-over with your vacuum cleaner so that they at least look clean. However, if you’re only moving the vacuum in one direction, you’re just pushing dust particles and dirt deeper into the carpet. It is important to go forwards and backwards to get a more thorough clean.

2.  You Soaked The Upholstery In Water

It’s a common mistake to think that soaking dirty or stained fabrics in water will “loosen” the dirt. However, all it does is spread the stain out even further. There are far more effective ways of cleaning upholstery using special detergents and powders that get those marks out and won’t leave the room smelling musty because it didn’t dry properly.

3. You Blew Off Cleaning The Fans And Filters

Most likely, you just forgot to clean this unseen aspect of the home – but the landlord or agent won’t forget to check it. A little bit of soap and water can sort them out in no time. Cleaning it regularly during your tenancy will also decrease the likelihood of them clogging up and potentially needing replacement.

4. Your Cleaning Techniques Could Use Some Polish

Don’t spray cleaning products directly on surfaces because they can leave a greasy residue. Rather spray on the cloth first and then use the cloth to wipe the surface down. Moreover, scrubbing stains on carpets or upholstery can damage the fabric and push the dirt further in. Instead, blot the mark or use a carpet cleaner and then treat it with detergents.

There are many more easy mistakes to make when vacate cleaning in Gold Coast, so make sure you don’t make the mistake of not contacting Stephens Bond Cleaning to get you sorted!

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