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Save Your Bond With Bond Cleaning Services On The Gold Coast

If you need fast and professional Bond Cleaning Services  Gold Coast, look no further than Stephens Cleaning Services. Save yourself the stress of deep cleaning the property and leave the heavy lifting to us!

Make Sure To Get Your Bond Back With These Tips

Let’s be honest – after the first few months of leasing, the urge to make a good impression fades, and we typically become more comfortable and perhaps lazy with the upkeep of the property. With busy lifestyles and a distaste for doing chores, it can be easy to let the grime sit a little longer than it should. Unfortunately, leaving chores undone for months on end is not doing you any favours, so consider these tips to help you get your bond back:

  • Read your lease agreement – when you move into a new property, it’s important to understand and agree to your obligations as a tenant. By following the conditions of your tenancy, you have a better chance of having your bond reimbursed.
  • Take note of property conditions – your landlord might make notes of cracks, smudges or missing fixtures when you move in, but it may also be beneficial if you do it yourself. Also, take pictures of any signs of damage you may come across and send it to your landlord. 
  • Fix issues immediately – if the shower won’t stop leaking or the plates on the stove don’t heat up, fix the issues immediately. When you leave issues until you move out, repair costs may be taken out of your bond amount.
  • Clean often – make time to attend to the property and keep in clean and tidy. If you spill something on the carpet, clean it up right away, or if the shower is covered in limescale, attend to it as quickly as possible to avoid lengthy cleaning when your lease ends. 
  • Ensure you give proper notice – the amount of notice you need to give prior to moving out will be stipulated in your contract, so be sure to follow the conditions to a tee to avoid any deductions on your bond.

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Moving out can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With expert bond cleaning services on the Gold Coast, you can enjoy moving on to the next chapter of your life and have a pocket full of bond money to make it even better.

To find out more about our cleaning services or to request a quote, contact us or visit our website. 

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