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5 Must Have Cleaning Supplies to Have in The Home

Keeping your house neat all the time is a very tiring tasks. Everything just always seem to be unorganized, and misplaced, and dusty, and stained. It feels like one can’t stop cleaning the mess that everyone and everything is making. Undeniably, central cleaning supplies is a great help to minimize the tasks that one has to do.

Essential cleaning supplies that you must always have


Disinfectant :- Health always come first. Disinfectant are the all-around solution to dirt and stains. It is used to clean surfaces where pathogens might be hiding.

 Spray bottle :- One would not know when the need should arise, so keeping a spray bottle ready is a good idea. Spray bottles are very versatile, it could be used in many cases such as infestation, or even simply for cleaning glasses and windows.

Baking soda :- Baking soda must always be kept within reach. It can be used as stain removal for clothes, and even for bathroom floors. It is used to remove grease and clean kitchen utensils. There are many more uses of baking soda. It is very useful, so always keep some in your kitchen!

Essential oils :- Essential oils are among the safest antimicrobial choices that you can have. It is natural and safe. These oils can be used in laundry, as antifungal, and as a deodorant and air freshener in your house.

Microfiber cloths :- Microfiber cloths are very versatile. It could be used to wipe off almost every surface you have at home.It is used for dusting, plus they’re super absorbent!

Coke :- Its strong ingredients make coke a very good cleaning agent. It can remove the stains in your toilet bowl and sink. It can clean the grease from your laundry and kitchen utensils. It can even remove rusts! Bugs and slugs cannot withstand coke, hence it is also a viable method to get rid of microorganisms. Our home is our sanctuary. Keeping it neat and tidy all the time is as important as keeping our family close and tight. With these cleaning supplies always ready at home, you need not to worry much about all those dirt that needs a serious cleaning up. If further assistance is needed, we at Steven Cleaning Services is always ready to help you out!

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