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Messy things, messy life! You may take a glimpse of a person’s life by simply looking into his/her closet. However, keeping things in place may prove to be a difficulty. Worry no more! Together with the competent staff of Stephens Cleaning Services Gold Coast, let’s go through this list of useful yet simple closet tricks perfect for the modern person!

Use hooks that blend with your personality

Studies Necklaces, hats, and scarfs taking up lots of space? Use simple, cute, elegant, or any hook for that matter, which showcases your personality. Hang your items to free up spaces inside your wardrobe without compromising the overall look of your room.

Keep your footwear together

Designate a box or a rack where to store all of your footwear. Arrange them properly to maximize the space with the proper categories in each section. If you are to use a box, you can place your right shoe on top of the other in an upside-down manner.

Categorize your clothing

Segregate your clothing accordingly – denim, dresses, sweaters, shirts, and so on. This way, you’ll need not to dig into piled items only to look for the dress that you’d want to wear. 

Remove old and unusable items from your closet

Just like what you do to clean your house, you have to remove those old items that you no longer use. We know it is hard to let go, but letting go of them may mean something even better. You can donate old clothes to charities and make your closet, and the lives of the recipients brighter!

Lastly, be responsible

This is the most important of all since it is by taking responsibility that you’ll have the will to start cleaning your closet and the determination to keep it that way! 

When grabbing stuff from your closet, we understand how it could lead to a mess. Therefore, use our tips for your convenience. But, also keep note that your long-term organization will largely depend on how you manage your closet daily. No matter how many hooks you have there, you’ll probably not see much difference from the past if you don’t put the required effort. So, armed with this knowledge, start making the best out of your closet and begin with its makeover now!

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