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Essential Office Cleaning Tips for A More Efficient Workplace

The daily rush of duties and responsibilities can make us forget the importance of having a clean space.  We start our day in a hurry and often end it tired and fed up leaving us no time to clean up our daily mess. Little did we notice how the “simple” daily routine of cleaning up your office improves us in many ways . Here are some office cleaning tips to take note of.

Benefits of a Clean Workplace

Studies have shown that office cleanliness directly correlates with employees level of satisfaction and productivity. It minimizes the risks of acquiring disease from bacteria and other organisms growing on the cluttered workplace. Statistics found that businesses are burdened by unplanned sick days by 54% reduction in sales and a 39% decrease in customer service. Lastly, a well-kept workplace boosts the morale of employees. 

Ways to Keep Your Working Place Clean


·         Be organize.

Make a system for your desk/office. Categorize files and office supplies in a way that they won’t be mixing with each other. Provide a designated  place for everything. Place your personal stuff in a place that is not distracting. Keep a “Clean As You Go” rule – keep everything back from where it was taken.


·         Keep food and drinks away from your desk

We may not notice it, but consuming foods and drinks in our workspace leaves bits and particles that are attractive to insects and microorganisms. These may result to infestation or may cause diseases to you and your officemates. Additionally, electronic equipment may also be damaged because of the presence of these small creatures in your supposedly tidy place.


·         Get rid of trash in your workspace

People are often sentimental- yes, even to trash. They hold on thinking that they might unexpectedly find value in the junk that they are keeping. But sorry to break your hearts, but trash belongs to the trash bin. Letting them go means opening up space for a more useful stuff. Getting rid of junk means a lot when decluttering your place. It makes a lighter and brighter feeling. 

Cleaning up our office may sound tiring to most of us. But it does not always have to be like that. Lighten up your spirit, have fun while cleaning. Make it a game or a competition. Provide prizes and incentives. Most importantly, make it a habit to keep your office neat.

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