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What is Bond Cleaning

What is bond cleaning ?

As the meaning goes, Bond cleaning involves maintaining a residential/commercial property managed bya landlord/estate manager in order to get ones security deposit (also called bond money) back. Appointing Stephens Bond Cleaning Gold Coast helps to achieve desired results.

So what about the price to get your surety back?

Keep in mind that a decent clean requires professional cleaning, and this is the only method of getting your bond back and keeping your ability to lease or rent another house

Bond cleaning services

prove being a big time-saver. One can pay attention to some other significant factors than scrubbing and dusting rooms throughout the day.

Specialists observe a comprehensive technique and cleanse even hard-to-reach locations. Bond money return certainty is always a good aspect when it concerns specialist house cleaning.

Industry-certified hardware and environment-friendly cleanup services are largely used to accomplish bond housecleaning.

Vacate Cleaning

  • professionals cover just about everything, which includes the following hard-to-reach locations cleaned
  • Dusting off dust from lockers, counters, dressers
  • Hoover and dry-cleaning rugs
  • weeping dry leaves, refuse substances, papers and a lot more coming from the exteriors 
  • Eliminating algae spread from swimming pools
  • Cleansing and scouring floorings, floor tiles and cooking area slabs
  • Cleaning off the oven smears
  • Cleaning up filth and muck from AC filtration system and fans
  • Eradicating mildew from shower room surfaces
  • Scouring shower-heads, water taps and faucets/sinks

A legal arrangement occurs amongst partakers, specifying legitimate provisions and costing. Partner with a professional bond cleanup specialist from Gold Coast north side for reliable end results.

The first thing is to create a bond cleaning checklist

of all the things that have to be done for your bond clean, So find a comfortable chair and start making up a comprehensive list of all the things that require cleaning and repairing .

Remember that your bond cleaning deposit relies on you being able to stand up in court with a solid case and photographs in order to prove your point, because there are landlords who will use any opportunity to grab another hundred dollars or whatever they can out of you

So take your time, and with clipboard in hand go through your house as if you are an inspector with a fine tooth comb.

Even though you are going to hire a bond cleaning service

you asked the one who will have to tell them exactly what to clean, and for that reason it is best that you take charge of this and draw up that comprehensive list of all the little nooks and crannies and spots that will have two get special attention from your bond cleaning service.

Why cleaning the oven is a big deal

the oven and stove in general is normally the very first thing that real estate agent start picking on, so it is best just to get this done properly.

Also remember that the stovetop must be tested to see if it can withstand the corrosive oven cleaners that you get these days.

Another thing to watch out for is that you don’t scratch the glass tops of the latest induction stoves and ovens, because this good set you back thousands of dollars.

Drawer handles need special attention

because these handles are always in the line of wear and tear of some sort, make sure that you do a proper inspection for every handle, and especially the drawer handles that you use the most such as for your kitchen utensils .

Unless drawer handles can be properly cleaned and still appear and present well, it is best to just go to Bunnings and replace them in order to save yourself the hassle and arguments .

Light switches and fittings
once again, due to the laws of nature and wear and tear, it would have become inevitable for some of these light switches not to get damaged while you were a tenant.  So make sure that these are marked, especially the ones that are soiled and need more care.  Also make sure that they work so test each one, and replace the ones that do not work anymore as this is definitely a point that their real estate agent will check

Should you Clean the Carpet

if you have any carpets in the house, make sure that these get taken care of professionally.  Bonded back cleaners or vacate cleaners will check the copper to see whether you need alkaline or acid iq pre-spray, they will apply the correct solution, agitated and then proceed to clean it as well as possible using their high tech hot water and steam cleaning extraction units.

There is no residential process that can replace this professional care, and once it is done you will know for certain that carpets will not be an issue that can hold your bond money back from you 

Should you clean the walls and the windows?

Absolutely, those obvious things of the first things that will become contentious issues in getting your bond money back so window should be properly washed on both sides .

If you intend taking on this task yourself, you should use the latest magnetic cleaners that make it very easy to do it both in one go .

Also take care to clean the windowsills and the walls around the windows once you are done as these could have become soiled during the process .

As for the walls, you would have had a fair idea of how clean they were prior to moving in, and the best is for you to consult any photos you may have taken before moving in .

This will enable you to judge whether some marks on the walls were there prior to you taking possession, or whether you have to come up with a cleaning solution .

In many instances you can have to use filler and touchup paint to get rid of any small holes and bumps that could have happened during your tenancy .

There are many videos on YouTube that will show you exactly what to do to fix these blemishes .  Being thorough is the only method you will ever ensure that you get your bond money back

As mentioned before, these tips that you just read would be a very good start towards getting your bond money back, but the best remedy is to check for reviews of professional bond or vacate cleaning services and then hire the one that has the best record from third parties .

In most cases there will be no issues when you’re trying to get your deposit back in full 

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